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St. Gregory of Nyssa

1454 Jamacha Road

El Cajon, CA 92019-3752
Phone: (619) 593-0707
Fax: (619) 593-0741
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Proistamenos: Fr. Simeon B. Corona
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  1. Message from your Parish Priest
  2. Message from Archbishop Demetrios
  3. Gospel and Epistle readings
  4. Saints and Feasts commemorated
  5. Apolytikion and Kontakio n Hymns
  6. Wisdom from the Church Fathers
  7. Parish news and events

Gospel and Epistle Readings

Epistle Reading:
St. Paul's Letter to the Hebrews 11:24-26,32-40
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Gospel Reading:
John 1:43-51
Sunday of Orthodoxy
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Wisdom from the Church Fathers

Peter, when after so many miracles and such high doctrine he confessed that, "Thou art the Son of God" (Matt. xvi. 16), is called "blessed," as having received the reve lation from the Father;

-St. John Chrysostom, Homily 21 on John 1, 1. B#58, pp. 72, 73, 4th Century

... while Nathanael, though he said the very same thing before seeing or hearing either miracles or doctrine, had no such word addressed to him, but as though he had not said so much as he ought to have said, is brought to things greater still.

-St. John Chrysostom, Homily 21 on John 1, 1. B#58, pp. 72, 73, 4th Century

And whence does this appear? From what he said after these words; for after, "Thou art the Son of God," he adds, "Thou art the King of Israel." But the Son of God is not "King of Israel" only, but of all the world.

-St. John Chrysostom, Homily 21 on John 1, 1. B#58, pp. 72, 73, 4th Century

Seest thou how He leads him up by little and little from the earth, and causes him no longer to imagine Him a man merely? for One to whom Angels minister, and on whom Angels ascend and descend, ho w could He be man?

-St. John Chrysostom, Homily 21 on John 1, 1. B#58, pp. 72, 73, 4th Century

Moses... was himself saved by means of wood and water before the Law was given, when he was exposed to the Nile's currents, hidden away in an Ark (Exod. 2:3-10). And by means of wood and water he saved the people of Israel, revealing the Cross by the wood, Holy Baptism by water (Exod. 14:15-31). Paul, who had looked upon the mysteries, says openly, 'They were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud' (I Cor. 10:2). He also bears witness that, even before the events concerning the sea and his staff, Moses willingly endured Christ's Cross, 'Esteeming', he says, 'the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt' (Heb. 11:26). For the Cross is the reproach of Christ from the standpoint of foolish men. As Paul himself says of Christ, 'He endured the cross, despising the shame' (Heb. 12:2).

-St. Gregory Palamas, Homilies Vol. 1, Homily E leven para. 14; Saint Tikhon's Seminary Press pg. 123, 14th century

What can be the reason of this? It is, that Peter and Nathanael both spoke the same words, but not both with the same intention. Peter confessed Him to be "The Son of God' but as being Very God; Nathanael, as being mere man.

-St. John Chrysostom, Homily 21 on John 1, 1. B#58, pp. 72, 73, 4th Century

Message from your Parish Priest

Come and See!
Fr.Simeon B. Corona, March 16th, 2008

This simple statement, "Come and see!" I dared to put on the back of my business card. Philip ...Read Full Text >

Message from Archbishop Demetrios

Encyclical of SCOBA for the Feast of the Sunday of Orthodoxy3/16/2008
“The honor rendered to the icon ascends to the Prototype.”
- St. Basil the Great, ...Read Full Text >

Apolytikion and Kontakion Hymns

Resurrectional Apolytikion - Tone 1
The stone that had been sealed before Your tomb by the Jews and the soldiers guarding did watch over Your pure and sacred body. O Savior the third day You arose, and unto all the world did You give life. Where by all the heavenly powers did proclaim that You are the giver of life. Glory unto our resurrected Christ. Glory unto Your Kingdom. Glory to Your dispensation O You alone who loves all.

Apolytikion for Sunday of Orthodoxy - Tone 2
O Christ our God, begging forgiveness of our sins, we venerate Your Pure Image, O Good One. Of your own will you condescended to ascend upon the Cross in the flesh and deliver those You created from the bondage of the enemy. Wherefore, thankfully, we cry out, "When You came to save the world, Your filled all things with joy, O Our Savior."

Apolytikion of the Church - Tone 3
You were shown to have holy vigilance. And your piety was manifest in your teachings O Hierarch Gregory. For the wisdom of your sacred dogmas gives joy to the fullness of the Church. Righteous Father to Christ our God do intercede to grant our souls His great redeeming mercy.

Kontakion - Tone 2
To you, Theotokos, invincible Defender, having been delivered from peril, I, your city, dedicate the victory festival as a thank offering. In your irresistible might, keep me safe from all trials, that I may call out to you: "Hail, unwedded bride!"

Saints and Feasts Commemorated

Sunday of Orthodoxy

For more than one hundred years the Church of Christ was troubled by the persecution of the Iconoclasts of evil belief, beginning in the reign of Leo the Isaurian (717-741) and ending in the reign of...Read Full Text >

Parish News and Events

Today`s Refreshments
Today's Refreshments are provided by Prebytera Joy-Anna and Larry. Come, join us!

Upcoming Liturgical Schedule
This Week: Fr. Simeon and Family will be away for the Clergy Lenten Retreat from Sunday after Church, the 16th, through Thursday the 20th. Hence, we will NOT have the usual Monday Canon or Wednesday night Presanctified here for this week only! Please attend the Presanctified Liturgy at one of our Sister Parishes on the 19th. -We will still have a special Church Family Education Akathist on Friday the 21st from 6PM with an explanation of for all of our relationship with our Blessed Mother, the Theotokos. -Great Vespers, as usual, Saturday Night 5PM and the Sunday Evening Vespers will be at St. George Antiochian at 5PM

Upcoming Events
Next Week: Monday the 24th, Great Canon of St. Andrew from 9:30AM; GREAT VESPERS for the Annunciation on Monday Evening the 24th at 6:30PM; The Great Festal Orthros and Liturgy for the Feast on Tuesday the 25th from 9AM; Wednesday Evening the 26th, Presanctified Liturgy followed by a Lenten Potluck and "The Forgotten Medicine"; Friday Morning the 28th, Presanctified Liturgy from 9:30AM; Friday Evening the 28th Akathist Service from 6:30PM; Great Vespers Saturday Evening at 5PM; Sunday Orthros and Liturgy, as usual; Sunday Evening Penitential Vespers at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church 4175 Poplar St. San Diego, CA 92055 at 5PM... Yours truly (Fr Simeon) is preaching. Support!

Epistle Readers
Greek: Skevi Crowell English: Laurie Paschalydis

Please pray for all those below:
For health: George Anastopoulos (Greg's Father), George Koulaxes (Georgia's brother). Maria Piliaris, Greg Yova, John Peters, Bessie Martinez, Maria Hazlaris' mother Athena and cousin Gina, Joan, Kevin Galanos; Jaquie Chocas; Warren Cormier; Charles Kouskoutis; Tom Crowell; Marina Stellatos (Sister of our own John Vassos)and Panayiota Bartzis (Daughter of Anna from Anna's Family Restaurant)
For our seminarians: Joel Sullivan and Jason Schrik.
For our deployed troops: Daniel Albright
For our church leaders: Patriarch Bartholomew, Archbishop Demetrios, Metropolitan Gerasimos, Father Simeon Corona and his family, Kathy Galanos and the members of the Parish Council, Chris Kotitsa and our Stewardship Committee, Greg Anastopoulos and our Building Committee, our Capital Campaign Committee, our Chanters & our Sunday School teachers. Mother Victoria and the Mothers and Sisters of St. Barbara's Monastery.

If you would like our community to pray for you or a loved one, please call the Church office 619-593-0707.

Ministry of Volunteers
1) Bookstore Coordinator: Jan Manos is running our Bookstore. Thank you Jan!
2) Altar Boys needed. Thanks to those who have started serving! Please contact Panteli Orologas to volunteer.
3) Refreshments Coordinator: Olympia Peters will be coordinating our Sunday Coffee Hour. Please contact the parish office to sign up or see her on Sunday.
4) Cleaning Crew: Eugenia Santos - Chair with Assistance from Anna Ioannides, Christine Fanos and Gigi Polis. Thank you ladies for your dedicated service!

Visit our Bookstore Wall
While enjoying refreshments and fellowship after today`s service, take a look at our Bookstore offerings as well.

Prosfora, Koliva and Artoclasia
If you would like to prepare and bring the offering bread (prosforo), the memorial boiled wheat (koliva) or the sweet bread for the living (artoclasia) for a service, please contact the Church Office. If you would like someone to prepare it for you, you can contact either Anna Ioannides (619-440-0774) or Larry Anderson (prosforo only, 619-390-9091).

Welcome Visitors
In addtition to our Sunday Volunteers it would be great to have a Greeter during the week whenever Fr. Simeon shedules a special Liturgy. There are 2 "Volunteer" Name tags available in the office. Feel free to borrow one and "Welcome" our weekday parishioners and guests. Contact me, Catherine Sullivan, to be involved in this vital ministry at any level.

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