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Your weekly eBulletin is now available at the link below, as well as the November Voice.

This week has been a difficult one for our nation--our hearts are heavy with loss in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Join us Sunday for Liturgy: our prayers matter, and there is a spiritual power in coming together, as a parish family, in praise of God and in supplication for those who have fallen and who suffer.
We will offer a special Trisagion in memory of all those who have been lost to the hurricane, immediately following Liturgy.

This Sunday is also Choir Appreciation Sunday. We look forward to thanking our choir for their ongoing dedication and stewardship to our community. In addition, our GOYAns will receive their officers' "pledge" and then embark on a shopping trip for our annual Thanksgiving Outreach. Our youth will further be engaged through the new Sunday School "Stewardship" Seminar, Junior Choir and Dance Troupe Meeting. Details on all these events will be found within your eBulletin.

Please also save the dates of these coming meetings and events:
***Agape Elections, Nov. 5, 6:30 pm
***AED Training, Nov. 7, 7pm
***Choir Practice, Nov. 7, 7 pm
***Women's Prayer Group, Nov. 8, 6:30 pm
***Family Night, Nov. 9
***Parish General Assembly, Nov. 11

During Fellowship Hour this Sunday, please make sure to sign-up for your
Family Night food offering, and please do everything in your power to help us make a difference through your Thanksgiving Outreach food and resource donations.

May God inspire, strenthen and heal us all!

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