Good Morning to our Parish Family & Friends:

Christos Anesti! Christ is Risen!

Your Weekly eBulletin is published and ready:
This Sunday, May 13, is known as the "Sunday of the Blind Man"; of course,
it's also Mother's Day. There will be a special Mother's Day Fellowship Hour
offered, as well as flowers for all our mothers. Please bring your beloved
mother, grandmother or great grandmother to Saint Philip for worship and

As last week, and in lieu of the usual Weekly eBlast format, I offer you an
updated "call to action" from our Festival Committee below. The Saint Philip
Greek Food Festival is coming May 18 & 19, and there is a tremendous amount
of important work to be done in preparation-and of course, on the days of
the festival itself. Please read on below, and use this update as a "How I
Can Help" guide over the next week. To get involved with any of the
activities, simply contact the Church Office and you'll be connected with
the appropriate leader:  <mailto:[log in to unmask]>
[log in to unmask]; 603.889.4000. 


Fr. Alex



On behalf of the festival committee, we wanted to pass on it quick bit of
information regarding upcoming festival activities. As you know, we are now
in crunch time. Many of us have worked tirelessly over the last several
months preparing for this very important fundraiser for our church. While
some of us have not contributed as much time as you may have wanted to, this
is a great window to catch up over the next two weeks. Please listen
carefully, take out your phones this one time and begin marking your
calendars. We are asking for your help. 

Friday (Today!), May 11, 9 am, and Saturday (Tomorrow), May 12, 9 am, we are
finishing Koulourakia. We need at least 15-20 people. If you have not
attended a baking or cooking event, here is your chance. 


Monday the week of the festival, we will be cutting and marinating chicken
beginning at 5:30. If we get 20 people, this will go very fast. Bring your
favorite knife, a cutting board and hat. 

Tuesday the week of the festival, we will be marinating lamb beginning at
5:30. We will need several people to help. 


Wednesday, the week of the festival, we are making pumpkin pita at 9am and
then Galaktoboureko at 4:30 pm. Again, this is an important task. 15 +
people at each event will help get this done relatively quickly. With only 5
people, it will put severe stress on the team so, let's support this effort.


Sia has the very difficult job of staffing the serving line. Please let her
know that you can give her a few hours. She would take 2000 people if she
could. Lets at least give her 40. 


Doug has been asked to build on our multi-cultural make up here at St Philip
and showcase some deserts from Russia, Ukraine, Syrian, Romanian and other
regions. Please let Doug know that you will bring in something such as a
cake, pastries or cookies that could be included in our desert table.
(Please make a little sign as well with the name and country of origin and
space for a price to be added by Jamie's experts.)   


Nancy Pappo is looking to transition her imports booth to a new team. She
will train you. 2 families could have blast taking this on for next year. We
need to keep this going. Please let her know you are willing to help!


The kitchen will be needing help. Fridays, especially Friday evening can be
lean due to work schedules. Please let Doug or Joe know. 


Also, a quick bit of recognition to Joyce Powell and Marisa Donati for their
efforts on the ad book. I believe that we smashed last years numbers and we
all owe them a huge thanks! 


In closing, every night the week of the festival is a work night. Please
stop in and lend a hand. This is your invitation! 


We also know that we need to grow the festival leadership for next year.
(There are 4 people that have been doing this for between 10 and 20 years.)
We need to do better and we can do better. If we double the size of the
committee, think of the potential for new ideas. (We especially need more
marketing, press, social media and logistics help.) We can not continue to
have a small percentage of our parishioners doing the work on behalf of the
entire parish. Please reach out and let us know that you will offer us your
support going forward. 


Our thanks to everyone! Let's hope (and pray) for a successful festival. 


Jamie, Joe, Bill and Doug



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